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Get ready for the softest, most comfortable skin of your life with our Comfort Capsule Collection! First we have our bestselling Resilience, because everyone needs Resilience don’t they? Created to nourish and hydrate, helping keep youthful plumpness in your skin. Next we have the super softening duo of Night Essence and Equilibrium. So calming and softening that you won’t be able to stop touching your skin. Remember to use only a small amount, Quercus products are made without unnecessary fillers. For those chapped lips we have our Clear Lip Bliss. Two types of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump your lips, collagen to repair, Kakadu Plum and other plant extracts to nourish and deliver soft plump lips all through winter. We particularly love using the clear gloss at night to wake up to soft comfortable lips! And we haven’t forgotten your body…those hardworking hands and feet…for those we have Cocoon. Super rich, non greasy, just what’s needed to fight winter dryness. So go on…get into your Comfort Capsule!