Quercus Skin Therapy had its beginnings more than 30 years ago when I couldn't find skin care that didn't irritate my increasingly sensitive and reactive skin.  I also was horrified at the cruelty inflicted on animals as a result of testing skin care for human animals.   
After a lot of trialling and testing, our first product...our iconic Super Sensitive All Over Lotion lotion was ready.  This proved so popular with family and sensitive skinned friends that we were encouraged to keep on creating new products (getting older helped too...vanity is a powerful motivator!) 
We've raised the bar with each passing decade and each new product.  All of our preparations are created from Australian ingredients, locally sourced and direct from the producer wherever possible.  We ensure a transparent supply chain so that there is no hidden cruelty or exploitation.  
We also use minimal packaging (no throwaway boxes here) and offer refills wherever possible.  
We've thought about it...so you don't have to.